5 Helpful WordPress SEO Plugins for Effective Reputation Management

Effective reputation management is more than damage control; it also includes making sure what is posted online is reputable and positive from concept to publishing. A large part of managing an internet presence is tracking and monitoring data and statistics, in addition to developing and interpreting analytics. It’s easy to use these SEO plugins for WordPress to help increase page search rank and to ensure the links into and out of a page maintain their integrity.

Reputation management entails more than correcting and countering negative feedback and poor reviews online. It involves posting content that is engaging and positive right from the beginning. A proactive approach to online reputation management is the best way to present and maintain a positive online presence, and these tools help make that job a bit less cumbersome. The following five tools are useful in many ways, and each has something unique to offer.

Yoast SEO

For tracking the effectiveness and relevance of keywords, Yoast really can’t be beaten. It automatically scans content to evaluate keyword usage, allowing for easier search engine optimization and page search rank increases. Yoast also offers real-time page analysis, which makes it possible to optimize every part of the page, from the title bar and meta descriptions to image titles and the content itself.

IFTTT: If This, Then That

IFTTT is a fantastic plugin for creating if/then statements called recipes that relate to online comments, posts, tweets, mentions and other content. IFTTT has the capability of helping to automate some of the most mundane, but necessary, tasks in the creating and publishing of content. For example, if a page or company is tagged in a photo, it is easy to create a recipe with IFTTT that shares that photo on other social media profiles automatically using the cloud.


Using LinkPatrol to monitor and evaluate new and existing links is a quick way to ensure they are active and valid. Spambots and other malicious parties online are constantly bombarding sites with spammy, invalid links that consume a lot of time and energy to remove manually. By scanning a page or site automatically, LinkPatrol minimizes bad links without sacrificing time or wasting effort.

WordPress Google Alerts

This plugin is a time saver, more than anything. It allows a user to monitor existing Google Alerts right in the WordPress dashboard, eliminating the need to switch to a new window, tab or application. Use Google Alerts to watch for industry buzzwords or to see if competitors are mentioned in order to stay on top of and possibly benefit from trends as they happen. You can also use them to target your competitor products with ppc and steal their traffic.

Social Metrics Tracker

Social Metrics Tracker is a WordPress plugin that installs a separate dashboard in WordPress for tracking and analyzing social metrics. It displays popular posts and analyzes user interactions and overall engagement to determine which posts are successful in order to develop and perfect a social media publishing and commenting formula for each of the most popular networks.

Most of these tools can also be considered to be competitive analysis tools used to strategically target your competitors weak points. There are many competitive analysis courses that show how these tools can be used effectively on your competitors.

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