Finance and SEO- 2 Tips to Help Marketing

Finance companies usually have large marketing budgets and sophisticated marketing teams. However, there are still areas where these companies can improve. This article will focus on finance firms and their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts/ content marketing efforts. The article will cover just a two areas where these companies can leverage for marketing purposes.

First is social media. While most of the large finance companies have social media profiles, they are not utilizing them to their maximum capacity. Social media is a great tool for SEO and is a good way to get links. Sharing interesting content on social media can help reach many people. Usually, a company’s SEO team or PR team will propagate the material through various social media outlets. However, things can go awry when these teams become two creative. For example, Sears tweeted a Sandy sale for the New York City area after Hurricane Sandy. Obviously, people were offended and Sears suffered a large backlash online. When things go right, social media is an invaluable tool to connect with many people.

Second is on its own website. Many finance companies have obtuse websites that convey very little about the company, what it does, or any information about it. What’s worse, it is impossible to find anything when looking for it. Google clearly states it wants a great user experience and would rank sites that provide that. A convoluted website provides the opposite of a good user experience. Instead, the SEO team should be consulted to create a website architecture that meet’s the company’s needs and provides a seamless user experience.

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