Googles Hummingbird to help REAL Writers

You might have heard about Google’s update to it’s Search Engine Algorithm named “Hummingbird”.

Many SEO Experts are complaining as their done work, as so often, just got send down the drain.

Google has set itself the goal to provide users to best results possible, which means behind the scene tricks work less and less. It now also integrates social triggers more and more. How do followers engage with you on linked social platforms? Do they “like” your content? Who is talking about you?

Social Media is not anymore just a way of marketing your content and to stay in contact with your clients, but now will also feed in Google’s decision on where you should rank in search results.

So without becoming to nerdy and throw all these words at you that no normal person understands, if you provide your blog readers with real content, things they are interested in, you will be just fine. I am not saying that SEO Experts will be unnecessary, they are still needed and of use, but Google just leveled the play field for small businesses and solopreneurs again and actually gave them a chance to appear on the first page of search results without having to spend thousands of dollars.

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