Smaller is better in the case of the “unconvention”

No matter what industry you are involved with, you have probably been expected to attend a convention, tradeshow or conference at least once in the past year. In fact, this trend is so popular that even the haunted attraction industry has several annual conventions, so it is no wonder that these events have become extremely commonplace in the SEO and online marketing world.

However, the typical push to cram as many people as possible into a hotel or convention center for the purpose of discussing a specific industry is being met with some resistance from individuals who believe that smaller is better.

Rise of the UnConvention Scene

When SEO experts think of an industry event, they probably have names such as PubCon at the front of their mind. This particular convention boasts an annual attendance of thousands, but this is not necessarily a good thing. After all, one of the biggest complaints that convention attendees have is an overwhelming crowd, and this can also lead to topics becoming watered down for the masses.

To buck this trend, some industry experts have launched a new type of event that is known as an unconvention. To put it simply, these events take more of a grassroots approach, and they focus on enabling like-minded individuals to discuss bold new ideas. For example, there are unconventions held regularly about the independent music scene, and this has led many participants to label the Global Music Network as the future of music.

Digital marketers and SEO experts have developed their own unconvention with the assistance of sponsor Black Hat World. Known as the UnGagged UnConvention, this small, intimate gathering of industry experts and people who want to enhance their online skills had a successful launch in Las Vegas from November 15-17, 2014, and there are two more UnGagged events scheduled for 2105.

UnGagged Branches out to London

One of the main rules associated with UnGagged is that there cannot be more than 250 attendees. This is a major distinction that sets UnGagged apart from the industry’s large conventions, and it also creates a feeling of exclusivity that has people picking up tickets for the 2015 events in London and Las Vegas.

Another cornerstone of the UnGagged philosophy is that each speaker needs to be able to discuss bold, innovative ideas without promoting anything. In other words, when John Rampton discusses PR techniques during UnGagged London, he will not be doing so as a way to advertise his latest business ventures. Instead, speakers such as Rampton and Murray Newlands will present topics ranging from PR options to API Automation from a fresh standpoint that is intended to truly help attendees reach their business goals.

Attending UnGagged London or Las Vegas

As previously mentioned, ticket sales for both of these events are limited to 250. Therefore, digital marketing and SEO enthusiasts who want to learn more about the latest ways to improve their online presence need to obtain tickets quickly.

UnGagged makes its London debut from May 16-18, 2015, and it returns for a second Las Vegas unconvention from November 9-11, 2015. Attendees will have the opportunity to choose between two tracts each day, and there will also be networking events that give ticketholders one on one access to many of the events’ featured speakers.