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George Anderson

Avada’s CEO

When it comes to online exposure, entrepreneurs have one thing in mind and that is resorting to SEO. In fact, search engine optimization has become the most reputable digital marketing channels in our days. This promises higher conversion rates and the likelihood of getting as much as 5.9 million searches in a day. That is why more and more people employ SEO to increase their site’s profitability, giving rise to many SEO service providers like Trading in a very highly competitive market calls for each businessman to find ways to excel in their business. With a digital marketing campaign, the issue lies on what specific tool to use and what to focus on. And since SEO is very popular these days, many online entrepreneurs use this to resolve their marketing issue. However, since using SEO would mean investing your, time, effort and money, the next question to ask is if SEO is really worthwhile for one’s business. Good things SEO has to offer 1. With SEO, you can expect a continuous flow of targeted and free traffic In Google alone, there is an estimated search of 5,922,000,000 in a day. If many of these searches will be redirected to your web page, there will be greater likelihood of increasing your site’s traffic, putting your site on Google’s first page. 2. Getting the right target With SEO, you will be exposing your site to people who needs your products and services the most. People who turn to the internet have immediate concerns or issues that they want to be resolved. Hence, 70% Organic results yield up to 40% of users’ clicks on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). And 70%-80% of web surfers will simply ignore paid listings. They would prefer organic results. 3. The traffic created by SEO will most likely be converted According to Search Engine Journal, SEO can generate leads up to 14.6%. This is far better than the 1.7% leads created by print advertising or email marketing. 4. SEO will help grow your business Business survival has now shifted online. But the degree of the success that SEO can offer will depend on your website’s online presence and other social channels. That is why SEO is very essential. 5. Becoming an authority in your own niche With good ranking, you will become an authority in your own niche. Hence, you will earn the trust from your targeted audience. This will surely lead to conversion and more profitability in your business. Downsides in SEO 1. You have to wait for the result It is not enough to just put up a website to be successful in your digital marketing. You need to gather visitors to your site and have a good hold of them. For SEO to work, you need to have your content indexed for days to weeks. Meaning, SEO result requires you to invest in your time before you will get your desired return of investment. 2. Competitive niche requires big investment SEO needs content creation, backlinks and many others. And all these will require investment on your part. Hence, SEO is not really a free digital marketing tool. Other flaws include the risk to be penalized and the lack of assurance to land on the first page of the search engine. That is why it is important to choose the right SEO provider to employ since the execution of SEO matters a lot, especially these days when almost everybody use this to compete with other sites that have similar niche as theirs.

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