Why health professionals need expert SEO services

Health consultants often drive business growth through word-of-mouth recommendations. But as a health professional, you need to have a digital presence, too. Throwing up a website with a few tidbits of information like a contact page, an about me page, and a primary information page isn’t enough.

That’s a good start, because you definitely need a website to promote your business. But you need to go a step further, and create a comprehensive digital marketing plan.

Here are a few services to consider:

Organic SEO – Organic SEO is a methodology that boosts a business’ search engine results, and helps you land on the first page of a Google search, for example. This space is coveted by businesses in all industries because when a person searches for information about a product or service, that person rarely ventures beyond the first page of a search engine results page (SERP). You need to be there, and organic SEO strategies get you there without paying for ads.
PPC advertising – Pay per click (PPC) advertising involves opening an account with Google AdWords, or a similar program, creating an “ad”—or a series of ads—doing keyword research, writing ad copy, and more. Often, health professionals don’t have the time or skill to create a PPC campaign from start to finish. An expert can help you develop a strategy and then implement the campaign, so you can concentrate on what you love to do: helping people improve their health.
Social media marketing – No digital marketing campaign is complete without a social media strategy. Using social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook gets your name out there and gives you valuable exposure, by putting your business in front of potential customers that see your tweets and posts, and ultimately increasing your reach, traffic and revenue.
Reputation management – Word-of-mouth strategies have jumped ship—and landed squarely on the internet. While people still rely on the recommendations of friends and family, they also put a lot of stock in online reviews (from people they don’t know). Negative online reviews can instantly kill your business. An expert can help by tracking online reviews and managing your online reputation, so that negative online reviews don’t gain traction.
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