Why Social Media Trumps SEO

There has been talk in the online marketing community that SEO is in the process of being phased out. This means keyword and link building, which has been the mainstay of website optimization, no longer has the impact it once did for a business’ marketing scheme. Those who are saying things like “SEO is dead” or “long live SEO” are actually only partially correct. While SEO continues to play a very valid role, marketers must also pay attention to social media and integrate it into their campaign.

Anyone familiar with SEO 101 knows that the key to a high page rank is to create content, use longtail keywords and create backlinks to go with those articles. All that is still important, but the authority heads at Google has tweaked the algorithm, so that the search spiders will give “credit” to sites with a strong social media presence. This means content that has a high number of views, likes, shares and comments are the ones that will end up with a high placement in the SERP.

How does this change the game plan for marketers? Instead of creating content after content and submitting them to blogs and article directories, focus on creating fewer content with strong emphasis on quality and written for the intent of providing relevant information for your demographic audience. Post the content through multiple social media outlets and don’t be shy about encouraging your followers to share with their friends and starting a discussion in the comments section.

You don’t have to abandon your SEO strategy. You just have to be willing to make adjustments whenever Google makes changes, which is a common occurrence nowadays and should be expected by businesses with an online presence.